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Munim & Associates is a full-service law firm with an exceptional breadth of services and a team of talent and leading lawyers providing litigation, regulatory and business solutions to individuals, public and private corporations, multinational companies and start-ups. By delivering what clients want wherever they need it, from regular legal issues to high value strategic advice, we take pride in our straight-forward approach and service which is focused, of high quality and consistent.

Our Client-driven and industry focused practice spans more than 30 practice areas, including litigation, bankruptcy, corporate finance, international criminal law, insurance, retail, maritime, aviation,  intellectual property, public interest, family matters, real estate and tax, to help clients with complex needs in any circumstances involving their persons and business to stay ahead of the global market and stay clear of legal risks, anticipate opportunities,  and address issues that impact the very value of their persons and businesses.

Among our clients we have procurement specialists, turnkey construction firms, airlines, cross border trade and investment institutions as well as pharmaceutical, life sciences and medical devices companies, energy suppliers, banks and government departments, multinational franchise retail brands etc.

We also partner with other professional disciplines such as audit and accountancy firms, business consultants, financial advisers, corporate finance disciplines etc. to provide a seamless and integrated solution for issues and/or projects that have a multi-disciplinary dimension. Clients choose to work with us because we deliver commercial, pragmatic and innovative solutions through our exceptional legal expertise and experience, on time and on budget.

We focus on a number of key sectors which are active and thriving in Asia, including mining and minerals, telecommunications, cross border investment, energy, oil and gas, banking and finance, mergers & acquisitions, projects and infrastructure, hospitality and leisure and arbitration.




We provide the full breadth of legal resources to represent all of our clients’ interests. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and specialized experience in our clients’ industries, we offer truly innovative and effective solutions that align with both clients’ short- and long-term business objectives. For those clients who cannot afford legal counsel, we maintain a broad and meaningful pro bono practice. We encourage our lawyers to devote 15% of their time to pro bono work, and we make clear to all lawyers that we expect them to do this work. With a lengthy record of excellence, we remain committed to the community at large. In all of our work, we stay true to our core values. We maintain a diverse workplace, a collegial work environment, and an unyielding commitment to inclusiveness.



We set our standards high, expect the best from our lawyers, and return top-tier work on behalf of our clients. Our tradition of excellence is distinguished, and our advocates are widely respected in Bangladesh and abroad. We have lawyers who are leaders in their fields, speak frequently throughout the world on the firm’s core practice areas, and are published widely in legal journals, industry and mass media, and legal books.



Munim & Associates is one of the oldest law firms in Bangladesh, started its work even before the independence of our country under the leadership of its Senior Partner ‘Advocate Abu Mohammad Hashem’. Our name is embedded with many significant events of this country including the birth of this nation. We are proud to act for our clients. Whatever the scale of your requirements is, our business is about strong lawyer-client relationships built on successful delivery across national and international markets. A real meeting of minds.


Our history of representing different clients all along this long way of practice is a history of compassion and success. From fighting for public interest to defending the innocents against strong opponents, we dedicate ourselves with utmost sincerity and compassion. We are proud of our culture too, a culture of fighting for rights. For decades, our lawyers have taken on matters and causes that make a difference—not just to our clients, but to the communities in which we live and practice. This is our heritage, our future.