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How to Initiate a Criminal Case in Bangladesh?

A criminal case can be initiated in one of the two ways:(1).Through filing a First Information Report (FIR) in case of cognizable (where arrest without warrant is permitted) offence. (2).Complaint to Magistrate in case of cognizable and non-cognizable (where arrest without warrant is not permitted) offence.Schedule II of CRPC (Code of Criminal Procedure) details the difference between cognizable and non-cognizable offence.

What are the borrowing powers of Offshore Banking Unit (OBU) of a Bank?

There is no guideline prescribed by Central Bank on the extant of borrowings to net worth of the Banks. However, if the size of the borrowing is comparatively big then it is conventional practice for the Banks in Bangladesh to take approval from the Central Bank. It is noteworthy that for Type-A (wholly foreign owned) industries in the Export Processing Zones (EPZ) in Bangladesh the borrowing size is unrestricted.

What are the maximum numbers of adjournments that can be granted in a Civil Case in Bangladesh?

Maximum 6 Adjournments can be permitted (Order XVII, Rule 1, Sub-rule 3 of CPC 1908), The Court can grant adjournment for any reason (Order XVII, Rule 3 of CPC 1908). So adjournment can be granted but the judge must mention the 'reason(s)' for such. For example, illness of both parties and lawyers, lawyers busy with other cases, supervening events such as death, strike, natural calamities etc.

Is there any exception to pay LC amount by the Bank?

It has been long established that when a letter of credit is issued and confirmed by a bank, the bank must pay it if the documents are in order and the terms of the credit are satisfied….the only exception is where there is a clear fraud of which the bank had notice (Per Lord Denning MR in Edward and Owen Engineering Ltd. v. Barclays Bank International Ltd. 1978 QB 159)