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Family Law

Family Law

Marriage Breakdowns are stressful and can be traumatic.  Our seasoned team of Family Lawyers has over 30 years of collective experience in dealing with the most complex and difficult Family Law cases.  They know the law, they know how to negotiate, and they know the right procedure to get your case done right, the first time.  They are “diligent in preparation and confident in court”, and when you add all that up:  you can be sure they have all the tools needed to get your case to the finish line.


Our Family Lawyers provide advice and representation, whether by way of negotiation, court proceedings, alternative dispute resolution, in all matters arising from cohabitation, marriage, separation and divorce including:


  • separation agreements
  • Divorce Applications
  • custody and access
  • child support
  • maintenance
  • division of property
  • family trusts
  • marriage agreements

November 11, 2015

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