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Blockchain & Fintech

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Blockchain & Fintech

Blockchain distributed ledger and cryptocurrency technologies are revolutionizing equity fundraising, financial services, and a variety of corporate and commercial transactions and operations, and prompting rapid regulatory change in multiple jurisdictions. Munim & Associates’ Blockchain and Fintech team help clients navigate the legal complexities of this new environment to help clients create and seize opportunities and mitigate risk.


As “initial coin offerings” or “initial token offerings” have hit the market, Asian securities regulators have indicated that these distributions are subject to securities law requirements. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are also expected to have huge impacts on areas such as insurance, financial services, international trade, transportation and supply chain management, logistics and value/asset transfer, information technology and tax. As smart contracts and distributed autonomous organizations are designed, implemented and become more common, appropriate legal frameworks will need to evolve to deal with administration, trust, course alteration, ownership, interpretation, disputes and any coding errors, each of which can lead to unintended consequences. These are all arenas our lawyers know well.


Concurrent developments in the Fintech space add other important considerations, involving cutting-edge technologies, information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructures and novel business models.


To support the myriad of legal needs in this space, Munim & Associates has assembled a multi-disciplinary team that includes specialists from our securities and capital markets, corporate-commercial, financial services, information technology, intellectual property, tax and knowledge management groups.


November 11, 2015

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